By enabling the Language Translate Service, you can simply translate language any text in any other interface.
This app is very useful while you are studying other language text like just simply long press on text which you do not understand properly then a pop up will come as showing the option then select the target language which you wanted to translate.

🎉 Translate All Language Text & Voice Translator 🎉

✏️ Simple interface is very easy to use

✏️ You have option to select from language as well to language translate

✏️ Translation words & phrases any language

✏️ Voice input option without entering text

✏️Interface settings to turn on Translate LanguageThank you for downloading the app, Hope our is app is most useful.

  • Santhi Prem (verified owner)

    Wonderful. Helps a lot. Actually, I am learning Spanish through one app. It has a course of its own. There are times when I wish that I knew how to speak certain words in Spanish which apparently I have not reached in my lessons yet. The translator helps a lot a these times…

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//Karthik M//