Assistive Touch – Easy Control:

Assistive Touch is an Great Customization tool Options for Android Devices. Floating Panel on the Phone Screen you can have fast & quickly access to all your favorite applications & Phone usage options.

Instead of moving between many options, It’s fast, it’s smooth you can directly set or customize all favorite options and you also can set clean option directly on panel.

Now a days everyone want’s to do their work in smart way by using this app you can do all your phone tasks more smarter way.

Assistive Touch – Easy Control for Android ✍️✍️

👉 Home Page you can set total control or assistive touch by toggle on / off.

👉 Single tap: You can set any application or any options, after clicking single tap on scree this operation will going to perform

👉 Double Tap and Long Tap also you can set the same way you did for single tap. It also do the operation while user clicking double times and long tap
👉 Floating Icon: If you wanted to set floating button on a fixed position you can keep or else you can move where ever you want on the phone screen.
👉 Layout: Customize the floating layout by adding any application or any option to this layout.
We hope that you will satisfying with our app, Please provide us your valuable feedback.