The Flashlight will be very helpful and convenient with you at any time when you need light! You can turn on the camera light or Screen at any moment. it is a free application.


***User Interface***

+++Easy Smooth Operation
+++More Unified & Simple Interface
+++Widget on home screen
+++Instant start


+++Torchlight in Dark & Every time
+++Customize Screen Colors, Traffic Lights
+++Strobe Lights, Swipte Colors
+++Very bright
+++Display light, Stroboscope
+++Shines right after clicking on Icon

+ A beautiful, Attractive & Bright Flashlight. Built-In Strobe and off timer.

+ Flashlight : Use camera LED for Bright light source Flashlight.
+ Screen flashlight : You can change colors and brightness. Swipe to change colors.
+ Transparent flashlight : Enables you to see even the Dark Place and narrow space like under the tables & Reading books in Dark and also for finding specific needs while light is off.

Thank You for downloading !!

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//Karthik M//