Flashlight On Clap is an Android Free Flashlight app that is available in Google Play Store.

++ Flashlight On Clap is a free android app and it is very easy to use. Many user friendly options.

++ When there is a dark in your place or even outside it’s very difficult to find a Torchlight or Flashlight.

++ It would be great thing that it will be if your phone’s flashlight will turn ON when you clap at night in dark.

++ Yes, it’s an amazing thing to turn ON/OFF your Phone’s Flashlight by simply clapping.

++ Forget about searching for a torch and Just clap from nearby to phone and see your LED Flashlight lighting with Bright.

How it works:

★ Flashlight On Clap app, just open the app and Turn ON the service.
★ Flashlight On Clap Service that’s it whenever you clap you will see your LED Flashlight Glowing like a LED Torch.

★ Whenever you do not want to Glow the flashlight then open
Flashlight On Clap app and Turn off the service.

Thanks for downloading the app !

  • Santhi Prem (verified owner)

    I’m enabled an this feature on my phone is perfect. The fact that you can talk to someone an still be able to use the flashlight for your safety. I like the quality ,convenience, an the fact it is so easy to access makes one wonder why everyone doesn’t use it. I think that it is amazing, period. Tha…

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