Text repeater for messages multiple times. Copy repeated message and share.This application is most useful for generate repeated text messages like same message multiple times.

Very low in size of the APK. You can send text messages repeatedly, also you can set your repetition limit like how many times & how many lines you want text repetition. repeated letters with Emoji’s & characters.

Key Features:

* Best user interface with material design (UI)
* Only type one message and set limit for sending repeated text messages (multiple times).
* You also have option to modify the output & share.
* Share your repeated text on social media
* Copy your repeated text, post on any different social media networks.
* Repeated Letters supported, Crazy Text.


* Can able to repeat message as setting limit and setting up new line.
* Generated repeat message you can copy and share on social media.
* Single click to reset all typed messages.

Thank you for downloading !