Status Saver for WhatsApp & Videos & Images is a free & easy to use and app letting you to download images, Photo, GIF, Video and also you can Share Status, Save Status & delete status videos & photos/images with single tap

You can download the photos posted by your friends easily and save them on your gallery. If you really do not know how to download status videos & images Status Saver for WhatsApp & Videos & Images is the right application for WhatsApp

This app provided functions like with single click you can share, download, delete status from this app.

How it works / Step By Step:

1. All you need to do is watch the status For WhatsApp.
2. After that you can open our (Status Saver for WhatsApp & Videos & Images) App & you can download/save or share status videos & images, GIF’S with single tap.
3. You can also see watched status videos & images for WhatsApp .
4. We have also provided the Tutorial for downloading status for WhatsApp .

  • Santhi Prem (verified owner)

    Very nice application. Earlier if need the whatsapp status of my friends, I have to ask him to send but I can directly download from his status now. very useful application. smartest way to download WhatsApp status without asking others.

  • Santhi Prem (verified owner)

    I’m happy about this app it makes thing easier,now I don’t have to ask my friends to send the image and video in their status now i can easily download status of my friend without asking them by using this app.just love it

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