MP3 Cutter, Merger & Ringtone Maker is the best sound editing and merging tool for editing music files in a convenient way. This app also support’s merging of multiple audio files into single audio file.

This app will make music editing so easy and fun and interesting

🎺 How to use MP3 Cutter, Merger & Ringtone Maker 🎺

1. In our application we are giving three main features Audio Cutter, Audio Merger as well saved converted audio files.

2. After clicking Audio Cutter button displays all audio file any format (MP3, WAV ..) files. In that you can select the file which ever you wanted to cutting the audio.

Later you can save the file, You can saved file all at one place.

3. For merging also you can do the same process, but you need to select the multiple audio files to merge.

4. You can set saved file as Ringtone/Music/Alarm/Notification

🎷 Features 🎷

🎼 It will show list of all the MP3 Files from your phone / SD Card .
🎼 Choose the liked MP3 files from the list .
🎼 Now you can cutting unwanted sound part.
🎼 Merge the files after selecting multiple files.
🎼 You can save the file to phone or SD card .
🎼 Set as Ringtone, Alarm tone or else notification tone.

Thanks for downloading !! We hope you are satisfied with functionality.

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