Coloring and Painting Game is a wonderful game to play for all generations, so many of us are passionate about painting but we cant sketch from scratch.

In this app we are providing number sketch diagrams with number of categories. this game will work like antistressor.

If you really don’t know much about painting? there is no need of worries! we have already given 500+ beautiful book categories diagrams.

Categorized into two parts, one is easy coloring and other is hard painting.

In Easy category there are number of pictures which can useful for children’s. In hard part adults can paint the pictures.

Below are the all the categories that we have implemented in easy and hard play.

⇒ Animal
⇒ Bird
⇒ Butterfly
⇒ Flower
⇒ Mandala
⇒ Message
⇒ Sea Animal

📝 Coloring and Painting Game Features 📝

☞ You can select which category of play you want either Easy or Hard

☞ Select the picture you want apply paint.

☞ In edit page two options of colors one is normal and other is gradient.

☞ You also have option to use the recent used color

☞ Frames : Select the frame which you want apply to that edit picture

☞ Texture : Texture is the background color to fit back to the edited picture.

☞ Add Signature: you can write your name as “Art By Your Name”.

☞ You can download the output and share it to the friends and family.

☞ Hope you would be happy with our app content. Please leave your feedback, that would very helpful to improve our app content.